DevDungeon Member Portal

Membership benefits

Email account - Use it for whatever you want (within the reasonable terms of service). Use it for your automation projects, sending out notifications, use it as your personal email account or a throwaway

XMPP chat account - Use your XMPP account to chat with any other XMPP account on the internet. Chat with other members or other servers. Use it to make a bot or anything you want.

Linux mainframe access

SSH access to the DevDungeon Mainframe. Use it as a Linux playground, a place to experiment or compile programs, run Linux applications, or interact with other users. Use SCP/SFTP to transfer files. Full user access. Host bots, TCP servers, APIs, Discord bots, whatever you want! This is a shared server with other members and you will only have user-level access. Learn Linux and follow along with DevDungeon tutorials and projects. Great for beginners who want to learn but fully featured for the veterans who want full control. Setup personal systemd services and cron jobs. Tons of programming languages included. If it's not included, let me know!

Git storage

Host your git repositories on the mainframe over SSH.

Personal web space - Get your own personal web space on the mainframe and host PHP, HTML, JavaScript, or any static files. Share files, create your own blog, guestbook, or portfolio. Share your projects or write browser based JavaScript games that anyone can play. Host static HTML or run a WordPress or Drupal site.


Get access to members only chat channels and a community of like-minded people to collaborate with.

Membership cost

Membership costs $13.37 USD per month. Credit card payments are processed through a trusted partner Discounts and honorary membership may be granted under special circumstances. Email

How to join

First, register. Then after registering, add a payment method, and then you can activate the membership.